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Image Library

Images related to the BotF2 Project can go in this library.  This includes UI mockups, race logos, and other in-game graphics.
Selection CheckboxPicture Size
Folder: A Look in Shared Docs
A Look in Shared Docs
Folder: BOTF 2 Insignia
BOTF 2 Insignia
Folder: Fleets Ships Stations
Fleets Ships Stations
Folder: Galaxies
Folder: Interface Mockups
Interface Mockups
Folder: Map Objects
Map Objects
Folder: Minor Race Structures
Minor Race Structures
Folder: Misc
Folder: Planet Textures
Planet Textures
Folder: Race Images
Race Images
Folder: Random Events
Random Events
Folder: Research Fields
Research Fields
Folder: Rotating Wireframe Ship Images
Rotating Wireframe Ship Images