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Started: 3/1/2007 8:06 PM
Picture: Zeleni
Image library
Is it ok to put minors structure pics im Image library?
Edited: 3/2/2007 3:13 PM
Picture: Mike Strobel
Mike Strobel
That's fine with me.  I've created a special folder for them in the Image Library.
Posted: 3/2/2007 5:07 PM
Picture: Zeleni
It is time to crop something in special folder! ;)
Posted: 9/2/2009 3:39 PM
Picture: KennethGF
We will now keep all images for use in the game in the folder Shared Documents / In Game PNG Images.
The Image Library converts all files to jpg and this can not be used in the game. It is still OK to put an image there for linking and viewing.