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Announcements: Alpha 5.1 Release


Alpha 5.1 Release 


The Alpha 5.1 version of Birth of the Empires has finally been released in both English and German language!
The most prominent new achievement is that minor races can now build ships in their homesystems (though they can't explore with them yet) thus, posing a threat at the beginning's expansion stage of the game.
Several smaller improvements have been made to the galaxy map, including scrollbars that can now be turned on and off via the bote.ini file, and scrolling on the map by holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse.
Also a really pressing gameplay issue was the lack of bribe resistance. Resistances have now been implemented to stop minors from being bought so easily.
A lot of tooltips have made it into the game at various locations, for example when comparing the strengths of ships in your fleet. But beware to trust the pure numbers, as they are modified by a number of factors during combat, such manoeuvrability of the enemy, crew experience, accuracy rates, flight manoeuvres (still automatic) and firing arcs.
Installation and game control hints:
- Installer is multilanguage, the language chosen there determines game language later-on
- Moving mouse above turn end button to the upper left corner on the screen activates options menu bar where you can see save your game or open in-game chat
- At first start, a bote.ini settings file is created. It will be either located at bote main folder or your documents and settings folder. If it is not created or nowhere to be found, set yourself write permissions for bote main folder. The ini allows to set difficulty levels (BABY, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and IMPOSSIBLE in capital letters) and several other options for map creation and music/sound.
- Switching systems in buildmenu gets easier when you use your extra mouse buttons or cursor left and right.
The BotE-team hopes that you all enjoy the game as much as we had making it!


Created at 2/28/2010 3:43 AM  by Malvoisin 
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