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Announcements: Alpha 6 Release


Alpha 6 Release 


The Alpha 6 version of Birth of the Empires has now been released in both English and German language!
The most prominent new feature is the pre-combat tactical menu where you can give orders to your ships before battle, i.e. retreat, avoid or open hailing frequencies etc.
Several other improvements have been made, here a small list of them:

- general UI speed improvements
- winning conditions and in-game statistics
- new music
- new playable race: The Khaoron Empire
- space anomalies
(nebulas, pulsars, and so on)
- new options and preferences menu in-game, so bote.ini is not required to be edited manually anymore

Installation and game control hints:
- Installer is multilanguage, the language chosen there determines game language later-on
- Moving mouse above turn end button to the upper left corner on the screen activates options menu bar where you can see save your game or open in-game chat
- Switching systems in buildmenu gets easier when you use your extra mouse buttons or cursor left and right.
The BotE-team hopes that you all enjoy the game as much as we had making it!


Created at 1/26/2011 3:37 PM  by Malvoisin 
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