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The Birth of the Federation 2 Consortium > Birth of the Empires > Wiki > Cloaking levels and races with cloak ability  

Cloaking levels and races with cloak ability

Cloak Levels:

Level 0: no cloak/stealth

Level 1: Stealth I

Level 2: Stealth II

Level 3: Stealth III

Level 4: Cloak I

Level 5: Cloak II

Level 6: Cloak III

List of races with cloaking ability (vastly incomplete):

Major Race:

Rotharians - Energy-techlevel

Cloak I -------------0

Cloak II ------------4

Cloak III -----------8

Khaorons - Energy-techlevel

Cloak I ------------4

Medium(Expanding) AI Race:

Brane - Energy-techlevel

Cloak I -----------5

Cloak II ----------7

Minor AI Race:

Yimandar - Energy-techlevel

Cloak I ----------3

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