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Internal weapon systems

Here you will find internal developer information about calculation and effects of the various BotE ship stats and systems.
It will be very useful to know as much as possible about this stuff if you successfully want to mod the game or know the effects better that some ships have that distinguish them from others.
Let's get started:
Defensive systems: Defensive systems
Beam weapons: Beam weapons
Torpedo weapons: Torpedo weapons
Cloaking levels and races with cloak ability: Cloaking levels and races with cloak ability
Accuracy formulas and background values:
A ship with 8 maneuvrability against a ship with 1 maneuvrability gains a bonus of 35%. The ship with 1 maneuvrability gets a malus of 70% at the same time. This value is divided by 5 then later on in the formulas.
Overview of common intervalls for those variables:
distance = [0,16]; CrewExp(att-def) = [-12,12]; Manöver(att-def) = [-15,6]; Feuersystembonus = [5,30]; BeamtypeMK = [1,X] X max. ca. 20

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