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Major Races (english)

Coalition of Planets

Humans live in a society based on the values of liberty and fairplay. Their key strength lies with their efficient and adaptive approach to research, which grants them swift access to new technologies. They also possess a highly proficient industrial structure and are as well proficient in the mining of raw materials, production and supply of energy and vital goods. Their high-end products come at the expense of high resource costs, however. Because of their moral convictions they are weaker in the field of espionage, but they compensate for this deficiency with a strong military, whose ships function as well individually, as in groups.


Heyoun Trade Union

The Heyoun society is based on the principle of profit and plutocracy. In order to achieve this goal, the Heyoun developed a formidable economic strength. Their strength lies not in their industrial capacity or in their resource management, but rather in their trade acumen, and the ability to produce almost anything of trade worth at the lowest cost, whilst selling it at the highest possible profit. Food production and power generation is a key strength, and research is comparable to the other powers. Their ships are fast, but what they gain in speed, they lack in armaments and defences. Their interest in the economic movements of the Galaxy gives them a slight advantage in espionage, but not in sabotage. Under the latter they would sooner resort to trade embargoes as their own subtle form of economic warfare.


Khaoron Empire

The Khaorons are among the most feared warriors in the Galaxy. Their quest for glory and honour in battle grants them an almost legendary status as masters of war and combat. From the battlefields below to deep space, their weapons strike hard. A number of Khaoron battleships possess Cloaking Devices, and this grants them a special tactical advantage with which they strike at their prey. Their vigorous industrial forges process a countless hoard of raw materials, keeping their resource-hungry war machine running, whilst hunting parties guarantee the population's food supply. However, all things that do not directly serve battle and the charge of conquest are of lesser importance to the Khaoron psyche, and in these arenas they are less effective. The Khaorons consider espionage a cowardly and dishonorable pursuit, but they are nonetheless capable of defending their interests with a robust internal security system.

Rotharian Star Network

To outsiders the Rotharians are a difficult and enigmatic race. All Rotharian affairs are veiled by a shadow of stealth and secrecy, as is embodied by their fleet of powerful cloaked warships. The Rotharian mind is sharp and an effective tool. To all things, it attends the highest and purest form of pragmatic effectiveness that can be found. One such example is the engine of Rotharian research, which is an exceptional machine indeed, and in all strata of society a deep resounding pride for all they have achieved, and for what they continually strive, shines through. Their industry and mining programs are competitive, without excelling. The supply of energy and common goods are sufficient and rigorously regulated to be resource-saving, as are their fleet maintenance costs.


Cartare-Invaders / Cartare Union

The Cartare will resort to any measure to ensure the loyalty of their subjects. Their ruthless state body maintains a strict doctrine and numerous control measures  to promote an unconditional belief in their sovereignty. Their goal of justice, order, and generation domination feeds an almost rampant work ethic to achieve attainable targets, and this results in an exceptional industrial infrastructure. However, government policies are not at all too discerning over who would do their bidding, nor how, for many peoples that would cross the Cartare might soon find themselves hard at work in state mines and prisons, feeding the economy and resource-hungry war machine. Research moves ever on to attain ever-superior technologies, but it is a slow process, but in Intelligence they are almost unsurpassed: The fearful Cartare Order are as dangerous as the military. Cartare ships are considered by many to be not as efficient individually as many like-for-like Capital ships, but work better attacking in tight formations.


The Omega-Alliance is a ruthless and tyrannical organization hailing from the Omega sub-quadrant. They are overseen by a quasi-deified race of symbiotes known as the Vi. The Vi believe they are the self-appointed rulers destined to bring order and harmony to a chaotic Universe. For this purpose, and to do their work, the Vi genetically engineer races to perform particular roles within their circles of power. They include the mighty Rok'Hanar, perfect soldiers controlled and fuelled by psychotropically addictive drugs that only the Vi provide, and the Da'una, the "face and voice" of the Vi, their diplomats, and they who grant the Rok'Hanar access to Tetroin-4c supplies in exchange for their loyalty. The Alliance as a body are experts in subterfuge and the subtle exploitation of lesser races. Such influence as they possess have allowed the Omegans to achieve astonishing result in many fields, including construction, mining, and energy production. The host-adaptive capacities of the Vi are also very useful in gathering intelligence and performing acts of sabotage, whilst the formidable Rok'Hanar ships carry their will to the far reaches of the Galaxy.

Special races:


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