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The blog of the Star Trek: Supremacy development team
New Developer
I'd like to welcome DCER, creator of the Ultimate Editor for BotF, to the Supremacy development team.  DCER will be assisting me with the development of the core game library.
Supremacy Editor
I decided to go ahead and develop an editor for Supremacy.  It makes sense considering the game data is spread across several files.  The editor is progressing very nicely, and is almost ready for an initial release.  I will begin packaging the editor along with the demo starting with the next release.
To see screenshots of the editor, check out the Image Library in the Supremacy section of the SharePoint site.
Development Update
I know it's been a while since I've last updated the Supremacy demo.  Rest assured, I am still working on the game.  However, I am currently embroiled in developing two rather complex features--the diplomacy system and the automated combat engine.  I plan to release a new version of the demo once the automated combat engine is finished.  However, the combat engine requires at least part of the diplomacy system to be in place so that it can determine which fleets are hostile.  I'm also considering putting the game on hold temporarily to create a game data editor, which would make it easier for the community to assist me in the creation of the tech trees and race database.  Regardless, updates to the demo will be scarce for a while, as there is much work to be done on major features.
Thank you for your patience and support.
BotF2 SharePoint Site
Due to the inherently unorganized nature of the BotF2 forums, I've taken the liberty of creating this new BotF2 SharePoint Site.  This online collaborative workspace will provide a place for members of the BotF2 community to share ideas, as well as provide an organized document library.  It seems sensible to keep all of the BotF2-related material in one place, rather than forcing users to sift through the great many threads in the forums to find commonly sought-after information.
I will provide accounts to any of the project contributors, as well as any forum regulars who have been around long enough to gain my trust.

I will also create nested sites for the individual BotF2 projects at the request of the project developers.  The project developers will be able to maintain the permissions and content of their own sites.

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